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Adventures in Victoria, Australia: Part 2   -   30.10.2012

Nothing terribly exciting happened after leaving Wilson’s Prom. Grant was kind enough to put us up for a while and drive us west to the Great Ocean Road so Dad could see the Twelve Apostles in a gale. On the way we made the obligatory stop at Kennet River to see some koalas. Fortunately for Dad one walked straight by us and carried on up into a short tree low enough for photos and harassing.

The weather was too horrendous for taking photos at the Apostles so we drove back to Melbourne and checked out some of the waterfalls and rainforest walks on the way. With all the rain and logging the waterfalls overflowed with mud but the forests made up for it.

Dad, very excited about the taste of Southern Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum).

Hopetoun Falls pumping with muddy water.

Back in Melbourne Dad and I met stayed with my good friends Kim and Niki. We accompanied them to a Warren Miller film and spent an afternoon in the back alleys of the city in search of cool graffiti.

And that concludes my last trip to Australia. I’m currently back in Tasmania guiding for Cradle Huts so I’ll do my best to do updates when I’m not playing in the mountains.

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