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My new office   -   25.01.2013

The following are photos taken from my new office, in order of what you would see when walking north to south as you have to during the booking season. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I do.

Classic view of Cradle Mountain and her reflections in Dove Lake.

A currawong demands that I hand over my morning tea.

A snowy day on the way to Plateau Creek for lunch.

My guests walking towards Barn Bluff.

The back side of Cradle Mountain in horrific weather (on the day that the TV show Getaway filmed the Cradle Mountain Huts walk).

Deciduous Beech (Nothofagus gunii) at bud break this spring.

Cradle Mountain as seen from the summit of Barn Bluff.

A beautiful morning at Barn Bluff Hut. Far more favourable conditions for filming by the Getaway crew on this day.

Lenticular clouds seen from the Lake Will turnoff.

One of my favourite trees (albeit dead) with Lake Windermere and Mt Oakleigh in the background.

Magical foggy morning with dew hanging off thousands of spider webs. Taken from the driveway of Pine Forest Moor Hut.

Pelion Falls.

Exposed roots next to the Forth River.

My summit cartwheel on Mt Oakleigh.

Mt Pillinger on the Arm River Track.

Plane crash from 1973 found near the Arm River Track.

Snow in the rainforest at the end of September.

Myrtle Beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii) forest on the way up to Pelion Gap.

DuCane Range and Mt Ossa as seen from the summit of Pelion East.

The gates of Mt Ossa.

Mt Ossa as seen from the driveway of Kia Ora Hut.

Sunrise on the helipad at Kia Ora Hut.

Ben sitting at the top of D’Alton Falls.

Snow in the rainforest coming down from DuCane Gap.

Monty hanging out for some sun at the jetty on Lake St Clair.

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